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Criteria & Tips For Selection Domain Name

Criteria & Tips For Selection Domain Name - Domain Name Selection plays an important role in developing a blog or website. Various criteria such as price, example, name should be measured before purchasing a domain.

Here is the domain selection criteria:

1. Domain name short and easy to remember
Selected domain name should be short and easy to remember. For example, compared www.manokelpase.com with www.ketot.com, which one is easy to remember? www.ketot.com certainly be your choice. However, it is not easy to find short domain, first of all you should test the quality domains using www.domometer.com.

2. Unique / Other than the other
Avoid choosing a domain name that is similar to the domain already used by someone else. Moreover eminent domain. To write domain of you, but says other domains. You will lost visitors there.

3. Domain that can be easily referred to
Choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce, do not be too creative to say there is a problem. For example, the domain is icecream.com eyescream.com with the same pronunciation. Do not let the need to spell to introduce you to another domain. It looks messy and not professional.

4. Related to the niche
Ley say, we go to Info & Personal blog as mksyahir.com. So, it is up to choose a domain that is not related to the niche. If I choose a domain for this blog www.fuh.my must people will think this is a FUH! Put to maximum sensation. Remember, the domain associated with the niche plays an important role in SEO.

5. Focus on domain selection. select dot COM
This is because consumption. Com domain is wider than the others. Additionally it is easy to remember because most of the leading web will use. Com as their domain. For example, facebook.com, friendster.com, twitter.com etc..

6. The same domain name blog
Ideally, selection of domain name should be the same as the name of your blog. This makes it easy to remember domain for you. If the domain name different from the name of the blog, there could be confusion for new visitors to remember the new one.

7. Do not use numbers in your domain name
If possible, avoid the use of numbers in the domain because it is too confusing. The first example - domain1989.com (this is still readable). The second example - d0ma1n.com (trying to see, the letters o and i on the domain changed the numbers 0 and 1. Somewhat confused not).

8. Domain associated with the keyword
This is important for those who are concerned with SEO. Social niche blogs should use social keyword in domain selection. For example socialproject.com. Not seem appropriate if social blog using eatcandy.com domain right?

9. Constantly asking and receiving the opinion of others
Attempting to provide some of the available domain name (you can check here) and ask them which one is more suitable domain and easier to remember.

10. Check the history of your domain
Have you ever thought of using a domain name that has expired (expired)? For example www.asiafans.net once in 2004 until 2006 was the property of korea. But starting in 2007, this domain no longer applied, and was not renewed. So, beginning in 2012, the website is owned by Malays. You can check with the domain way back machine tools.

11. Compare Domain Prices
You are advised to be careful in choosing a domain seller agents for different sale price. If possible, you should look for an agent that offers a good quality of service worth the price in KL Server. Domains and Hosting criteria should be balanced and appropriate to your use (be untold long on the next topic).

12. Do not announce your domain idea before buying
Do not make a fuss as long as the choice of domain name not buy it because someone else can steal your idea. If you want to do like tips # 9 that can ask directly for privacy or ask in the smallest group. Surely the domain you want, quickly buy before its too late.

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